Waterfall dining in Yurihama Tottori

Waterfall dining in Yurihama Tottori

Partners Information: Fancy a traditional Japanese meal next to a waterfall?

At the Imadaki Waterfall in Yurihama, Tottori Prefecture, you can enjoy a unique dining experience of “taki doko cuisine (Eat Near a Waterfall)” in Japan.

While listening to the relaxing sound of a waterfall and excellent up-close waterfall views, try a variety of delicious cuisine cooked with local ingredients.

Takidoko Cuisine at Iwataki, Yurihama, Tottori

Takidoko Cuisine


late May to mid November


Imadaki Waterfall (Tottori Prefecture, Yurihama Town, Kitahuku


Takidoko Bento 1,600 yen ~ (tax included) (Minimum 4 people ~)
Takidoko Gozen 2,300 yen ~ (tax included) (Minimum 15 people maximum accommodation 60)

Bookings and information

Advanced reservations required.

In case of rainy or rough weather, the venue will be moved to restaurant Kikka.

Email Yurihama Town Tourism Association