Watch Kagura in Hiroshima Prefecture

Watch Kagura in Hiroshima Prefecture

Watch Kagura in Hiroshima Prefecture

Partners Information: Watch Kagura in Hiroshima Prefecture with regular performances held every Wednesday between 3 April to 25 December 2019. There are two sessions, 7pm or 8pm and doors open at 6pm.

Kagura is a traditional Japanese performing art. In ancient times, it was performed as a dedication to the gods to show thanks for a good harvest.

Throughout its history from the past to the present, many different styles of Kagura developed in different areas across the country, mixing with local cultures.

Characterised by flamboyant costumes as well as music featuring taiko drums and flutes, not to mention magnificent, dynamic dancing, Hiroshima Kagura will give you an exciting experience unique to this region.

After the performance, you can try on Kagura costumes and take photos.

Also, you will have an opportunity to interact with Kagura performers and take photos with them too.


Hiroshima Prefectural Citizen’s Culture Center
1-5-3 Otemachi Nakaku Hiroshima 730-0051, Japan

Access: 15 mins from JR Hiroshima Station by streetcar

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