The Seibu Traveling Restaurant

The Seibu Traveling Restaurant

The Seibu Traveling Restaurant

Seibu Railway Co., Ltd. has begun development on a “tourism train” to allow customers to enjoy a refined space and experience, and dine their way from Tokyo to Chichibu (in Saitama prefecture, northwest of Tokyo).

The train has been nicknamed “The Seibu Traveling Restaurant – fifty two seats of happiness,” and a logo mark has been created for the train which is designed to evoke the nature of the Chichibu area, taking inspiration from the number ’52’ and thus modeled after playing card suits: The spade expresses ‘water,’ the diamond ‘autumn leaves,’ the club ‘plants,’ and the heart expresses the warm feelings the company wishes to impart on its customers.

Operation Area

Planned for the following routes, with potential for others:

Ikebukuro – Seibu Chichibu
Seibu Shinjuku – Seibu Chichibu
Seibu Shinjuku – Hon-Kawagoe

Operating Dates

The train will begin operating on Sunday 17th April 2016, and will operate as a special train service on approximately 100 days per year, mainly weekends and holidays.

Ticket reservations opened on 1st February, and can be made through the official website (Japanese only).


Car 1: “Spring” – the phlox subulata cherry blossoms of Nagatoro

Chichibu Car 1 Spring

Car 2: “Summer” – the green of Chichibu’s mountains

Chichibu Car 2 Summer

Car 3: “Autumn” – the autumn leaves of the Chichibu mountains

Chichibu Car 3 Autumn

Car 4: “Winter” – the Ashigakubo Icicles

Chichibu Car 4 Winter

Official website
(Japanese only)