Temple lodging in Shiga Prefecture

Temple lodging in Shiga Prefecture

Temple lodging in Shiga Prefecture

Partners information: Become a monk for one night

Shukubo, or “monk’s quarters” are popular lodging facilities found in Japanese temples, allowing you to stay the night and experience what it is like to train as a monk, and such temples offering lodgings to the general public can also be found in Shiga.

While spending the night, you can practice Zen meditation, copy scriptures, and eat the same vegetarian food as the monks, resulting in an experience that’s healthy and spiritual for both body and mind!

Hieizan Enryakuji Kaikan

http://syukubo.jp/ (Japanese only)
Stay at the World Heritage site of Hieizan Enryakuji!


The lodgings here take the form of a single building rented to one group per day, making it perfect for families or groups.


While staying at the lodgings here, you can also experience Japanese culture such as the tea ceremony etc.


Shares facilities with the Youth Hostel Saikyoji (http://www.jyh.or.jp/e/i.php?jyhno=5108)