Subzero Forest Illumination

Subzero Forest Illumination

Subzero Forest Illumination

Partners Information: Welcome to “Illumination of Subzero Forest”!

About 1 hour ride on car from JR Takayama Station, the Subzero Forest is a special winter attraction which has been presented by the isolated mountain inn, ‘Akigami Onsen Ryokan’ since 1971.

The ”Forest of ice”, which was created by the innkeeper after long years of effort, is lit in blue during the daytime and illuminated at night, showing us a fantastic world.


January 1st – February 28th 2018


Illumination until 9:00pm

Access by Public transportation

Take the Nohi Bus (Asahi Line) from JR Takayama Station Nohi Bus Center to Akigami Onsen, 1,390 yen one-way (approximately 1 hour). Buses are infrequent so driving is recommended.