Stay Japan starts Concierge Service

Stay Japan starts Concierge Service

Partners Information: STAY JAPAN has started a Concierge Service to help travellers looking for certified vacation rentals in Japan, or for those who have had their reservations cancelled due to the enforcement of the “Private Lodging Business Law” which takes effect on 15 June 2018.

From 15 June 2018, the Japanese government will take action to remove all uncertified vacation rentals listed on reservation sites across Japan.

STAY JAPAN’s new Concierge Service will help travellers not only find certified vacation rentals but accommodations that allow them to experience Japan in the most authentic way, and are close to popular sightseeing attractions and events.

The Concierge Service is available in English, Japanese and Chinese.

Concierge Service website

#This is not a guaranteed reservation service. All rooms will be provided and recommended via STAY JAPAN or STAY JAPAN partners.


STAY JAPAN is the first vacation rental service in Japan to provide only certified accommodations. STAY JAPAN properties offer high-quality accommodations, close to popular sightseeing attractions, as well as unique experiences to connect with Japanese locals such as agricultural, farming, home-stays and fishing experiences.