Specialities of Takeo City, Saga Prefecture

Specialities of Takeo City, Saga Prefecture

Partners information: Introducing 3 Specialities of Takeo City, Saga Prefecture in Kyushu

1) Saga Gyu

Saga-yu Sukiyaki L.B. (Saga’s brand high-quality beef)

Saga-gyu (Saga Beef) won the JR KYUSHU lunch box competition in 2012 and 2013. Saga Beef established itself a leading beef brand in Japan and has succeeded in exporting its quality beef.
So, people can enjoy the sweet and rich taste of Saga beef worldwide.

Saga-gyu Sukiyaki Bento

Saga-gyu Sukiyaki Bento

2) Champon

A noodle dish cooked with vegetables and meats.

There are many Champon restaurants in the Kitagata area of Takeo City and the area is known as “Kitagata Champon Street”. Some of the Champon restaurants are so popular that people wait in a line every day, and many people come to Takeo City from a distance to have this meal.

Takeo City Champon


3) Wakakusu pork

A brand of Takeo pork, with a tender texture and a colour that resembles cherry blossoms, resulted from a combination of thorough breeding management and careful rearing in the Takeo countryside.

Wakakusu pork contains high-quality protein and vitamin B1, and is ideal for Shabu Shabu (Japanese-style hot pot).

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