Skyscanner Australia launches Japan month

Skyscanner Australia launches Japan month

Skyscanner Australia, the all-in-one travel app has revealed Japan as the fastest growing destination for Australian tourists in 2018.

These findings have prompted the launch of Experience Japan, Skyscanner’s all-inclusive microsite with a plethora of city guides showcasing all there is to do in the land of the rising sun. In addition to the must-see cities of Tokyo and Kyoto, Skyscanner has also uncovered hidden gems in places like Kyushu and Aomori which Aussies can visit for a real immersive experience.

Skyscanner also sheds light on how Aussies can save on flights by picking the right airport to fly into and when they should book.

How to save?

Tokyo ranked ninth on the global most visited cities list. December and January were the most popular months for Aussies flying to Japan.

To save money, Aussies should consider an alternative airport for arrival into Japan. For example, a flight from Sydney to Osaka offers an estimated saving of $97 as opposed to an arrival into Tokyo, and the same flight departing from Brisbane could save holiday-makers $319.

Putting more effort into planning which city to start your Japan holiday can reduce your overall holiday cost.

When to book?

Skyscanner also reveals the best time to book your Japan trip for those wanting to save on flights.

Where to go?

Tokyo takes the top spot as the most visited city, but travellers should consider looking elsewhere to experience countless Japanese delights. The modern port city of Osaka offers an alternative nightlife and busy restaurant scene; Okinawa offers islands famous for their warm climate and pristine beaches; Aomori, the northernmost prefecture of Japan’s main island of Honshu offering an off-the-beaten-track experience.

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