Shoryudo 3-day Bus Pass relaunched

Shoryudo 3-day Bus Pass relaunched

Shoryudo 3-day Bus Pass relaunched

Partners Information: The 3-day Shoryudo Bus Pass (Matsumoto, Magome, Komagane Course) has been relaunched.

The ticket gives the user unlimited travel on highway buses and route buses connecting Nagoya, Magome, Komagane, Matsumoto and other places, and includes access to Central Japan International Airport.

Three new routes have been added to the pass, granting access to attractions such as the Komagatake Ropeway, Gassho-mura and Hirugami Hot Spring Village.


7,000 yen for 3 days

Sample itinerary

Day 1

Central Japan International Airport -> (Nagoya railroad or Limousine Bus, about 30 mins) -> Nagoya sightseeing -> (Highway Bus, about 1.5 hours) -> Magome sightseeing -> (Highway Bus, about 30 mins) -> Hirugami Onsen (stay overnight)

Day 2

Hirugami Onsen -> (Highway Bus, about 40 mins) -> Komagane [Suganodai Bus Center, Nyotai-Iriguchi) -> (Fixed Route Buses and Komagatake Ropeway*) -> Shirabidaira Station -> Senkoji Station -> Shirabidaira Station -> Komagane [Suganodai Bus Center, Nyotai-Iriguchi) -> (Highway Bus, about 2 hours 20 mins) -> Nagano (stay overnight)

*a separate fee is required to ride on the ropeway

Day 3

Nagano sightseeing -> (Highway Bus, about 1.5 hours) -> Matsumoto sightseeing -> (Highway Bus, about 3.5 hours) -> Nagoya sightseeing -> (Nagoya railroad or Limousine Bus, about 30 mins) -> Central Japan International Airport

Using the 3-day Shoryudo Bus Pass (Matsumoto, Magome and Komagane Course) will give you a 51% saving compared to the normal fare of 14,190 yen!

Additional deals

Shoryudo Bus Pass holders are entitled to the following additional deals, with up to 50% off in savings:

Komagatake Ropeway Round Trip Ticket -> 1,810 yen for adults, 900 yen for children (normal price 2,260 yen for adults, 1,130 yen for children)

Enakyo Cruise Boat -> 740 yen for adults, 370 yen for children (normal price 1,480 yen for adults, 740 yen for children)

Shinhotaka Ropeway Roundtrip Ticket -> 2,300 yen for adults, 1,150 yen for children (normal price 2,900 yen for adults, 1,450 yen for children)

Holders of the Shoryudo Bus Pass or Shoryudo Welcome Card can also receive special benefits at each site. See the list of participating facilities here.


Restricted to holders of passports other than Japan


Valid for 3 consecutive days from the date of first use, including airport access

Where to purchase

Purchase online here: