Sanyo San'in Northern Kyushu Pass

Sanyo San’in Northern Kyushu Pass

Sanyo San’in Northern Kyushu Pass

Partners Information: JR West and JR Kyushu have launched the new Sanyo San’in Northern Kyushu Pass. This new pass allows overseas visitors to explore the area stretching from Kansai (including places like Kyoto and Osaka) all the way to Northern Kyushu (including Kumamoto and Nagasaki) more economically.



The pass does not entitle you to use the Mizukaze, Seven Stars in Kyushu, JR Kyushu Sweet Train, or JR Kyushu Bus and B&S Miyazaki Bus services


For travellers with a passport issued by a government other than Japan (in Japan for a maximum of 90 days). Passports will be checked at time of purchase.


Saturday July 1 2017 to Saturday June 30 2018

Period of validity

7 consecutive days


If purchased outside of Japan

22,000 yen for adults (aged 12+), 11,000 yen for children (aged 6 to 11)

If purchased within Japan

23,000 yen for adults (aged 12+), 11,500 yen for children (aged 6 to 11)

For more information, refer to this PDF.