Rotable in Owase 2018: Popup Restaurant Series

Rotable in Owase 2018: Popup Restaurant Series

Rotable in Owase 2018: Popup Restaurant Series



TOKYO, September 14, 2018 – Rotable continues its series of events connecting rural and urban Japan with its one-day-only popup restaurant, Rotable in Owase, in the port city of Owase on Saturday, 23 September.

Locals and visitors from across Japan will dine on multi-course meals of locally sourced produce and seafood caught fresh from Owase Bay, a bay surrounded by lush mountains that fill its waters with rich minerals and facilitate its thriving marine life.

“At Rotable in Owase, guests can experience a dinner that captures the essence of the region, they feel the blessings of the natural environment, the passion of the farmers and fishermen, and the warmth of the community,” says Taro Yokoyama, Rotable’s founder.

The event will be held in the leafy garden of house-turned-community hall, Tenmaso, where diners can look over the azure waters of Owase Bay, and feel the treasured presence of 100-year-old Tenmasou, a space woven into the fabric of the Owase community.

An inspired team of Owase and Tokyo residents have been engaged to produce the event, with fish supplied by local fishmonger Iwasaki Fisheries; tables built by Owase Woodworks; a menu designed and cooked by restaurant owner and chef, Rimpei Yoshikawa, of Pignon in Tokyo; and natural wine pairings selected by Tokyo sommelier and owner of wine shop Human Nature, Shinichi Takahashi.

“By gathering producers and consumers from across Japan around one table for a shared meal, Rotable creates rich relationships between people and nature, and connects those living in rural and urban areas through food,” says Yokoyama.

The event will be held at Tenmaso, 161 Tenmura, Owase City, Mie Prefecture. Early dinner (seated, set course) is 6,000 yen (price includes 1 drink), 3:30pm – 6:30pm; Dinner (seated, set course) is 10,000 yen, 7:30pm – 9:30pm; Bar (standing), starts 3:00pm. More information at For bookings, email [email protected]

About the company, Rotable is a community awareness and activation project. Its aim is to unite producers and consumers, urban and rural dwellers, to develop a deeper understanding of each other’s worlds, and shape ideas for preservation and longevity of Japan’s regional areas.

The first in the series of Rotable’s community events took place in Owase on 4 November 2017.

About the organiser, Taro Yokoyama is a trainee chef at Pignon restaurant in Tokyo. He believes strongly in the need for producers and consumers to understand each other’s worlds, and to understand the coexistence of people and nature. Taro travelled to Owase, where the restaurant sources its seafood, at the beginning of 2017, and was inspired to create a project to help revitalise Japan’s regional communities.

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