Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Is Japan safe?

Japan has one of the highest levels of public safety with a low crime-rate. According to DFAT’s Smarttraveller Travel Advice on Japan, Japan overall is safe to visit.

If you need further information about the safety of Japan after the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami, refer to this PDF document: For Safe Travel in Japan (PDF: 5.20 mb)

Do I need any vaccinations?

No vaccinations are required before entering Japan.

Is food and water safe for consumption?

Tap water is safe to drink anywhere in Japan. Bottled water can be purchased easily from vending machines for about 120 yen. Food is safely and hygienically prepared, so even street-food can be safely consumed.

In case of accident or illness

Japanese hospitals are well-established so you can expect a high standard of treatment should you require it in Japan. For any medical emergencies, see here. We highly recommend that all travellers purchase travel insurance for peace of mind.