Baggage Forwarding and Storage

Baggage Forwarding and Storage

How do I send my bags throughout Japan?

There are delivery companies operating throughout Japan at reasonable rates. Companies include JALABC, Yamato Transport (Kuroneko), Sagawa Express. You can specify the date and time you’d like your bags to arrive at your destination up to 7 days after pick-up, making it a convenient way to send your bags and store them temporarily if necessary. You can send items from baggage forwarding service stations located at airports, in hotels or shopping malls, most convenience stores and supermarkets.

Prices range from about 1000yen to 5000yen per item depending on the size and they can deliver by the following day or two. Allow an extra day if sending to a remote area like Hokkaido and Okinawa.

When sending bags from the Airport, you should be able to receive your luggage on the same day, depending on the area.  When sending luggage to the airport however, you will need to do it at least 2 days prior to departure (in some areas, 3 days prior). There will be designated luggage pick-up areas at your departure airport.

Prices are around 2000-4000yen depending on the operators and the destinations. Speak to your hotel concierge for more information.

Refer to this PDF Hands-Free Travel Guide for more detailed information.

Where can I store my bags?

Most Japan Rail (JR) and private railway train stations provide coin-operated lockers. They range in price from 300 yen (small) to 700 yen (large).

Tokyo Station has a JR Travel Service Center which offers a cloakroom/baggage storage service for 500 yen per item. More information.

Yokohama City Air Terminal (Y-CAT), the city’s bus terminal, offers a cloakroom service for 720 yen per item per day. Located in lobby 2.

Narita International Airport offers temporary baggage storage at the following locations: T1 South Wing 1F Arrival Lobby (GPA Counter), T2 1F Arrival Lobby (GPA Counter and JAL ABC Counter) and T2 3F Departure Lobby (Narita International Airport Promotion Foundation Center). Prices vary depending on the size of the item. A typical suitcase would be 500 yen per day. More information.

Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal offers temporary baggage storage for up to 2 weeks. Prices range from 200 yen to 800 yen depending on the size of the item. More information. Coin lockers are also available on 2F/3F for up to 7 days in two sizes; 300 yen (small) and 500 yen (large).

Kansai International Airport T1 offers temporary baggage storage at the following locations: 1F South & 4F South (JAL ABC) and 1F North & 4F North (Kansai Airport Baggage Service). It’s 620 to leave a suitcase for one day, and large items such as surfboards can be left for 1,030 yen per day. More information.

Shin-Chitose Airport offers temporary baggage storage at the following locations: International Terminal Building, 3F and Domestic Terminal Building 1F and 2F. The prices per piece are 305 yen (small), 515 yen (medium) and 820 yen (large). More information.