Baggage Forwarding and Storage

Baggage Forwarding and Storage

How do I send my bags throughout Japan?
There are delivery companies operating throughout Japan at reasonable rates. Companies include JALABC, Yamato Unyuu (Kuroneko), Sagawa Express. You are able to choose what time it reaches its destination, making it convenient. You can send items from service stations located at airports, in hotels or shopping malls, most convenience stores and supermarkets.

Price ranges from about 1000yen to 5000yen per item and they can deliver by the following day or two if it is a remote area like Hokkaido and Okinawa.

From and to the Airport, you should be able to receive your luggage on the day or the next day. Prices are around 2000-4000yen depending on the operators and the destinations. If you want them to pick up your luggage in order to send it to the airport, usually you need to book 2-3days in advance and organize the pick up.

For more information on operators, please visit their website for Narita Airport and for Kansai International Airport.

Where can I store my bags?
Most Japan Rail (JR) train stations provide coin-operated lockers. They range in price from 300 yen (small) to 700 yen (large).

Tokyo Station has a JR Travel Service Center which offers a cloakroom/baggage storage service for 500 yen per item. More information.