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Japan Rail Pass

About the Japan Rail Pass

The Japan Rail (JR) Pass is a special pass valid for unlimited travel on Japan Railways (JR) transportation, including all JR trains (shinkansen “bullet trains” except “NOZOMI” and “MIZUHO” services, limited express trains, express trains and rapid or local trains)*, JR bus company local lines (JR Hokkaido Bus, JR Bus Tohoku, JR Bus Kanto, JR Tokai Bus, West Japan JR Bus, Chugoku JR Bus, JR Kyushu Bus) and the JR Miyajima ferry.

*JR Pass holders can also use the Tokyo Monorail

* The Pass is not valid for travel on express bus routes operated by JR bus companies

Prices of Exchange Orders (as of April 2018)

Price (outside Japan)

Green (1st class)

7-day: Adult 38,880 yen, Child 19,440 yen

14-day: Adult 62,950 yen, Child 31,470 yen

21-day: Adult 81,870 yen, Child 40,930 yen


7-day: Adult 29,110 yen, Child 14,550 yen

14-day: Adult 46,390 yen, Child 23,190 yen

21-day: Adult 59,350 yen, Child 29,670 yen

The above are yen (¥) prices for a JAPAN RAIL PASS Exchange Order ; the actual cost in local currency is calculated based on the Banker’s Selling Rate (BSR), etc.at the time the Exchange Order is issued. Note that the purchase exchange rate may differ from the exchange rate in effect when you actually visit Japan.The local currency price, applicable exchange rate, and issue date for an Exchange Order are specified on the Exchange Order itself.

*Children who are age 6 through 11 as of the date on which the exchange order is issued are eligible for child PASS prices.

Who is eligible for a Japan Rail Pass?

The JR Pass is available only to overseas visitors that enter Japan as a Temporary Visitor. This includes sightseeing, visiting relatives, inspection tours, conferences and meetings or other activities during a short stay in Japan.

Note: Visitors who enter Japan under other statuses including: “Re-entry Permit”, “Entertainer” or “Trainee” are not eligible.

For complete information on entering Japan, please check with your nearest Japanese Consulate-General or Embassy.

From 1 June 2017, Japanese nationals living overseas may also purchase the Japan Rail Pass if they meet the revised conditions found here.

An “Exchange Order” for the JR Pass can be purchased outside of Japan from an authorised sales agent.

On arrival in Japan, visit a JR Station with a JR Pass exchange office with your Exchange Order and passport to receive the JR Pass.

Domestic Sale (updated 19 April 2018)

The JR pass will be on sale within Japan on a trial basis until 31 March 2019.

Usage period

Price (within Japan)

Green (1st class)

7-day: Adult 44,000 yen, Child 22,000 yen

14-day: Adult 71,000 yen, Child 35,500 yen

21-day: Adult 90,000 yen, Child 45,000 yen


7-day: Adult 33,000 yen, Child 16,500 yen

14-day: Adult 52,000 yen, Child 26,000 yen

21-day: Adult 65,000 yen, Child 32,500 yen


The JR Pass is available only to overseas travellers that enter Japan as a Temporary Visitor with a passport issued by a country other than Japan. Passports will be checked at time of purchase.

Japanese Nationals residing overseas are not eligible.

Sales locations

Sapporo Station, Sendai Station, Niigata Station, Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station, Yokohama Station, Nagoya Station, Osaka Station, Hiroshima Station, Takamatsu Station, Hakata Station, Shin-Chitose Airport Station, Narita Airport Station, Narita Airport Terminal 2 Station, Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport International Building Station and Kansai Airport Station.

Further information

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