JNTO provides detailed information about airports, flights to Japan’s major airports and domestic services, along with information about Japan’s rail network and internal transport services.

Travel Planner

Use the “JNTO Travel Planner” for train and map information helpful in traveling around Japan.

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Domestic Airports & Flight

A great way to travel within Japan is by air. With several major international and domestic airports, you’ll find that wherever you want to go in the land of endless discovery, you’ll be able to get there swiftly in style.

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Train Passes and Discounted Tickets

Whether you’re looking to sit back, relax and watch the countryside slide past your window on one of Japan’s very fast trains, or simply navigating your way around Tokyo or Kansai; find all the information you need on Japan’s rail system here, including rail passes, useful tickets, discounts and guides.

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If you wish to drive in Japan, you should first obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) from the Automotive Association in your state prior to departure.

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