Romance in San’in

Romance in San’in

Car Walk
3 Days
259 KM

Best Time of Year to Travel

  • Spring & Autumn


  • Shimane Prefecture
  • Tottori Prefecture


  • Love Shrines
  • Lake Shinji Sunset Cruise
  • Matsue Castle

Find love and happiness in sacred places dedicated to sweethearts and hopeless romantics. Your journey along Romance in San’in begins in Shimane Prefecture and ends in Tottori Prefecture. 

Along the way, you’ll stand before hallowed shrines and fairytale vistas. Pledge your love or seek better fortune in romance by sinking a coin into the Mirror Pond at Yaegaki Shrine. Be swept off your feet with a majestic camel ride at Tottori Sand Dunes.  

Visit the God of Marriage

  • Car Walk
  • 1 HR | 50 MINS
  • 69 KM

Begin your romantic sojourn in a land of untouched beauty, home to gods and deities – Shimane Prefecture. Visit Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine, home of the God of Marriage, Okuninushi. The standards of worship are a little bit different here. Be prepared to bow and clap multiple times to bless your romantic future. Just a 10-minute walk from here is Shinmon Avenue. Go souvenir shopping or sample the local cuisine. At Yaegaki Shrine, lovebirds can forecast their relationship by placing a coin on Japanese paper and seeing how quickly it sinks in the Mirror Pond. Spend the rest of the afternoon with a sunset cruise over Lake Shinji.

Things to see and do

Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine

This is one of Japan’s oldest shrine structures and has been registered as a National Treasure.

Yaegaki Shrine

For locals and tourists alike, Yaegaki Shrine is a place to seek good fortune for success in romance and personal relationships from the gods.

Lake Shinji Sunset Cruise

Lake Shinji is the embodiment of Matsue City (the city of water) and is best enjoyed with a sunset cruise on a pleasure boat.


The north side of Lake Shinji in areas like Nakabaracho is a great base with sights in day 2 within walking distances.  The south side of the lake is a good transportation hub with notable attractions in the vicinity like the Shimane Art Museum.

Bring on Day 2!