From $970

Ski Shizukuishi | Japan

Friday 18- Sunday 27 December 2020

Combining three resorts into one, this resort is one of Japows best kept secrets with plenty of options for backcountry skiing and possibly a day’s cat skiing. Awaken your senses with the distinct flavours of Japanese cuisine and admire the breathtaking views of the mountains and their surrounds.

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From $1,280

Ski Naeba | Japan

28 February - 6 March 2021

Located on the eastern slopes of Mount Takenoko in Yuzawa, Naeba ski resort has combined with Kagura ski resort to form a large area called Mount Naeba and consists of 22 runs and 12 lifts in the ski area.

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From $7,850

World Heritage & Kumano Kodo Autumn Tour

9-25 November 2020

A fully-escorted tour timed to see Japan’s Autumn colours, and travelling via Mt Fuji , Kyoto and Nara to walk in the footsteps of pilgrims on the Kumano Kodo

Tour website

From $8,100

Last Samurai & Hidden Christians Tour

16-28 May 2020

This 13-day tour transports you to an era of vital historical importance in Japan: a time of religious persecution and the clash within its ancient samurai culture. You’ll also have plenty of time to enjoy the world-class cuisine, shopping and sites of Kyushu and Honshu.

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From $10,498

Winter Festivals & Snow Monkeys 15 Day Escorted Tour

Jan 31 to Feb 14, 2021

Five Winter Festivals, Snow Monkeys, Ice Breaker Cruise, Steam Train ride, Illuminations. Escorted small group private coach tour of Hokkaido & Honshu in Ryokans & hotels with banquet dinners & onsen baths. Ainu Wood Carving, Ice Sculptures, Steller’s Sea Eagles, Red-crowned Cranes, fox, deer, pintails, woodpeckers,swans. [email protected]  

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From $10,850

Hokkaido Nature Tour

14 June to 27 June, 2020 (14 days)

Photography, bird watching, wildlife viewing, national parks, conservation areas, coastal cliffs, lakes and RAMSAR listed Kushiro Marsh.See Red-crowned Cranes, Deer, Red Fox, White-tailed Eagle, summer wildflowers, woodpeckers and visit Teuri Island wild bird sanctury to see Guillemot,Auklet,Murre.Phone Ken 1300 307 317 or email,[email protected]  

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From $11,680

Untouched Japan (20 days)

10-29 November 2020 (land only)

Get off the tourist track. This escorted upmarket small group tour will take you to less crowded places, to experience traditions, history & nature of Shikoku & Kyushu Islands. Phone Ken on 1300 307 317 & discover Japan that is not included in other tours.

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From $2,999

Ancient Capitals Japan

Daily departures (land-only)

Land of the Rising Sun tour through its capitals, past and present. Arrive in the bustling city of Tokyo, where pockets of culture and tradition continue to flourish. Explore the ancient capital Nara and the culture rich Kyoto with 17 UNESCO world heritage sites.

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From $1,690

Budget Japan

Daily departures (land-only)

Explore the very best Japan has to offer from the majestic shrines and pioneering shopping malls of Tokyo to the stunning Mt Fuji and heritage rich Kyoto. Stay in traditional Japanese-style ryokan complete with tatami mats and rice paper sliding doors. An extremely good value tour option!

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From $3,490

Highlights of Japan

Daily departures (land-only)

Highlights of Japan spanning almost 378,000 square kilometres, Japan is a vast, varied and fascinating country. Home to a unique blend of modernity and tradition, wonderful natural scenery,  warm and friendly people, it is no wonder many yearn to go to the Land of the Rising Sun.

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From $1,499

Mountains and Snow Monkeys

Daily departures (land-only)

This tour allows guests to spend five full days in these stunning mountains, after two days exploring temples and attractions of Tokyo, travel to the Alps for bathing snow monkeys, traditional villages and hidden valleys. Then Kyoto, explore the city’s 2,000 temples and 17 UNESCO World Heritage.

Tour website

From $1,199

Kumano Kodo

Departures daily

Kumano Kodo self guided pilgrim walk is steeped in over 1000 years of history as people from everywhere including Emperors and Aristocrats have made the pilgrimage to Kumano, trails stretch across the Wakayama Peninsula! Now is your opportunity to follow in the footsteps of those very same pilgrims!

Tour website

From $1,999

Golden Route Japan 9 days

Daily departures (land-only)

Explore the best Japan has to offer from majestic shrines &  shopping malls of Tokyo to Mt Fuji and heritage rich Kyoto. Experience hot onsen baths in Hakone. Take a cooking class in Kyoto or visit a sake brewery watch a Geisha performance in this memorable tour of Japan.

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From $2,950

HONSHU and the NOTO PENINSULA – Self-Guided Cycling 7 Days inn-to-inn

Daily, April to November 2020

The Noto Peninsula offers some of the most unspoiled scenery in the country with a rugged, rocky coastline and picturesque, well-preserved fishing ports and villages. Cycling along mainly flat coastal plains and peaceful mountain roads, soak up the serene atmosphere and experience authentic Japanese hospitality and culture.

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From $2,790

Shikoku Pilgramage Trail – 8-day Self-guided walking holiday

Daily, March to early December 2020

Shikoku 88 Pilgrimage Trails connects 88 Buddhist temples passing through urban towns, farmlands, and forests. Selecting portions of the original route for you to walk along with scenic train journeys, hot-springs, and shrines, this walk immerses you in Japanese culture and ancient marvels for a memorable holiday.

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From $5,995

Tokyo, Kyoto, Imperial Nara & The Nakasendo Path – Guided Walking Holiday

23rd, 30th March; 5th, 7th, 16th April; 5th, 11th, 15th, 18th May; 1st, 15th June; 7th, 15th, 21st September; 6th, 9th, 18th October; 2nd, 5th, 8th November 2020

The Nakasendo trail linked Tokyo and Kyoto during Japan’s feudal period. We walk along the ancient route passing through well-preserved Edo period villages and staying in traditional country inns. Also visiting ultramodern metropolis Tokyo, the shrines and temples of Nara, and Kyoto’s atmospheric gardens and Geisha district.

Tour website

From $9,985

TOKYO, KYOTO, NARA & THE NAKASENDO PATH 11-day guided walking & sightseeing

Departs: 8th April; 13th, 27th May; 23rd September; 14th October 2020

Tokyo and areas seldom visited by tourists with a guided multi-day walk along the Nakasendo Path to Kyoto, visiting hot springs, onsens at Nagano, post-towns and villages on the ‘road through the middle mountains’ staying in traditional ryokan and minshuku.

Tour website

From $5,950

Art Islands Tour: Art, Architecture and Ceramics

6 June to 13 June 2020

The Art Islands of Naoshima, Teshima and Inujima are must-see travel destinations for lovers of contemporary art and architecture. Join us for this incredible opportunity to visit these Art Islands as well as Okayama, Imbe and Kurashiki. Places are limited. Price in Twin Share.

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From $5,500

Makers of Japan Crafts Tour

16 May to 23 May 2020

Join us for this exciting tour focusing on traditional Japanese Crafts. Participate in hands on workshops, visit Japanese craft manufacturers and learn more about traditional Japanese Crafts direct from the artisan. Indicative pricing below only. Contact us for exact tour pricing.

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From $6,990

Sea of Japan Tour 2020 (16 Days/15 Nights)

3rd of September to 18th of September, 2020

Join us on this 16-day journey along the Sea of Japan coastline and discover the other side of this fascinating country. Visit hidden gems such as the remote Sado Island and the beautiful Noto Peninsular. Discover the Japan less traveled!

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From $6,200

October 2020 Art, Architecture and Design Tour

7 October - 17 October 2020

Join Architect and Japan Expert, Robert Day as he travels through Japan to uncover the essence of Japanese Design. This fabulous 10-Day Tour will visit Tokyo, Kyoto and Kanazawa focusing on Art, Architecture, Design and of course, Japanese Culture. Twin Share pricing below

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From $6,240

Summer Festivals Tour 2020 (14 Days/13 Nights)

23rd July to 5th August 2020

Japan comes alive in summer! Summer in Japan is a time for fantastic fireworks displays, exhilarating festivals, and scenery in its most lush and vibrant state. Join us on an exciting journey of tradition and fun!!

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From $6,090

Classic Japan Tour 2020 (14 Days/13 Nights)

19th May to 1st June 2020

If you only had one chance to visit Japan and wanted to tick all the boxes, then the Classic Japan Tour is the perfect tour for you! Join us on this all-encompassing tour of Japan and travel from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south!

Tour website

From $6,290

Island Hopper Tour 2020 (14 Days/13 Nights)

18th October to 31st October 2020

Visit seven of Japan’s most beautiful islands on the one amazing tour! Explore Kyushu, Yakushima, and five of the most beautiful islands the tropical paradise of Okinawa has to offer – Ishigaki Island, Taketomi Island, Iriomote Island, Tokashiki Island, and Okinawa Main Island!

Tour website

From $6,290

Spring Sakura Tour 2020 (14 Days/13 Nights)

April 12th to April 25th, 2020

Enjoy traveling through central and northern Japan viewing spectacular cherry blossoms at some of the most famous gardens, temples, shrines, and nature spots in Japan! The timing of the Spring Sakura Tour will allow you to experience the various different stages of the life of the cherry blossom.

Tour website

From $2,999

Traditional Japan by Rail

01/01/2020 - 31/12/2020

Travel on the shinkansen bullet train and experience a different side of Japan.

Tour website

From $4,499

Tour de Kyoto

10/03/2020; 14/04/2020; 12/05/2020; 09/06/2020; 22/09/2020; 20/10/2020; 17/11/2020.

Hike and bike your way through the hills and rivers of Japan’s old capital, Kyoto and see some of Japan’s beautifully iconic destinations.

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From $7,499

Aromas of Japan

14/04/2020; 08/09/2020; 27/10/2020; 16/03/2021; 06/04/2021.

Visit a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and see Himeji Castle, tour world famous breweries and distilleries and try a wide selection of special Japanese meals.

Tour website

From $4,149

Japan Discovery

11/03/2020; 04/04/2020; 13/05/2020; 03/06/2020; 10/06/2020; 10/06/2020; 24/06/2020; 24/06/2020; 19/08/2020; 02/09/2020; 02/09/2020; 02/09/2020; 09/09/2020; 14/10/2020; 28/10/2020; 04/11/2020; 04/11/2020; 04/11/2020; 11/11/2020; 18/11/2020

Explore some of Japan’s largest, busiest cities while also getting a taste for a more traditional side of the country.  Our Japan Discovery tour has it all!

Tour website

From $6,250

World Heritage 15 day private escorted tour of Japan

Any day you choose

Travel by coach bus, train and the shinkansen as you see the major World Heritage sights of Japan. Your private guide takes you to modern megacities, historical towns. Experience the ancient traditions and culture that Japan is famous for. You can customise this itinerary to suit your wishes.

Tour website

From $9,695

Cherry Blossom Festival 13 days

March 2020 (land-only)

Springtime is one of the best times to visit Japan, when cherry blossom trees come out in full bloom. Take in the highlights, visit some of the country’s most beautiful gardens, witness the famous Spring Geisha Dances and take part in a tea ceremony in Kyoto.

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From $7,695

Tokyo to Takayama 13 days

Selected Saturdays from March - November 2020 (land-only)

Soak up the spectacular scenery of Hakone and the culture of Kyoto. Visit Hiroshima’s poignant Peace Park, see Miyajima’s iconic Torii Gate and explore Takayama in the heart of the Hida Mountains.  All this and more on this tour which starts and ends in Japan’s cutting edge capital.

Tour website

From $6,995

Land of the Samurai 12 days

Selected Saturdays from March - November 2020 (land-only)

Wing your way into Tokyo and out of Osaka on this 12 day Japanese adventure, taking in the scenic splendours of Hakone and Miyajima Island, the cultural delights of Kyoto and the history of Hiroshima.

Tour website

From $4,695

Best of Japan 8 days

Selected Saturdays from March - November 2020 (land-only)

From the neon-lit streets and glimmering skyscrapers of Tokyo to the age-old temples and shrines of Kyoto, taking in the scenic delights of Hakone en route, discover the highlights of Japan in just 8 days.

Tour website

From $8,995

Snow Monkey Explorer 13 days

Selected dates January - February 2020 (land-only)

Watch Snow Monkeys bathing, explore Himeji Castle and beautiful Miyajima Island, in addition to Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima, on this magical 13 day tour of Japan. This is Japan in the winter at its best, without the crowds and blanketed in snow.

Tour website

From $1,769

Ski Myoko Kogen | Japan

Sunday 1 - Sunday 8 March 2020

Myoko Kogen is one of Japan’s oldest ski areas and is renowned for some of the best vertical and longest runs Japan has to offer. Rich in history, culture and offers spectacular skiing alongside a traditional Japanese experience.

Tour website

From $7,655

2020 Japan’s Enchanting Tohoku’s Cherry Blossom Tour 13 Nights with an Optional Kyoto Extension

16th April – 29th April 2020

On this tour we will visit 4 UNESCO World Heritage Cultural sites, experience cultural activities such as painting a Japanese chess piece and writing on a Kokeshi cylindrical wooden doll. View the spectacular cherry blossoms particularly in Hiraizumi, Kitakami, Kakunodate and Hirosaki.

Tour website

From $6,190

2020 Japan’s Sacred Mountains UNESCO World Heritage Cherry Blossom Tour 14 Nights

24 March - 7 April 2020 (land only)

This tour takes in Tokyo, Nara, UNESCO World Heritage Kumano Kodo and Kyoto. Join in a Taiko drumming evening and participate in cultural activities such as indigo dyeing and making of a bamboo speaker.

Tour website

From $8,420

2020 Japan’s “Splendours of Shikoku” Spring Tour including Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima 15 Nights

04th – 19th May 2020

From Tokyo to Kyoto, the Capital of Japan for over 1000 years an elegant and cultural delight, encompassing splendours of Shikoku, this Tour opens a new and exciting door into Japan each day. This is a small group tour of maximum 14 clients plus an Experienced Australian Tour Escort.

Tour website

From $1,779

Ski Hakuba | Japan

Sunday 1 - Sunday 8 March 2020

Set amongst the heart of the Japanese Alps and is one of Japan’s largest and most renowned alpine resorts. Hakuba provides an incredible variety of alpine terrain for beginners to experts. Famous for the longest vertical in Japan to off-piste tree runs, side and backcountry.

Tour website

From $4,799


28 March 2020

Encounter Sakura (Cherry Blossom) the national flower of Japan, while attending Hanami (Flower viewing) in Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Osaka, Nara and Kyoto. This tour also includes relaxing stay at a Ryokan (traditional Japanese Inn), and an opportunity to experience a Maiko dance performance in the Gion District.

Tour website

From $7,880

Cherry Blossom and Garden Tour 2020 (15 days)

22nd Mar and 3rd Apr 2020 (includes flights)

Our most popular tour! You will explore traditional Japanese gardens, marvel at the Cherry Blossoms, visit some of the iconic historical sights of Japan, and experience the authentic Japanese culture and world heritage. A 10 day version of this tour available, departing in both Cherry Blossom and Autumn Leaves seasons.

Tour website

From $3,399


6 March to 18 December 2019

Discover the vast variety of beauty in Japan through the West to East Tour. On this guided tour, explore through the major and most historically known cities of Japan with an English Speaking Guide.

Tour website

From $9,998

Ultimate Springtime Experience 15 Day Escorted Tour

Feb 19 to March 5, 2019

Upmarket small group tour by private charter coach, escorted by Mayumi Gray. Enjoy banquet dinners, selected ryokans & hotels, Geisha Show, Plum Blossom Festival, Art Museums, Flea Market, caves, onsen baths & spectacular Night Lights Illuminations. Visit Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Sasebo, Imabari, Hakone, Nikko, Kyoto, Tokyo & Bizen.

Tour website

From $13,799

Zenbu Zen Tour

09-20 January 2018 (land only)

EARLYBIRD special! Be one of the first 4 people to book onto this tour and pay your deposit before 09 July 2017 for a $300 discount. The popular and intimate 12 Day ZENBU ZEN Tour focuses on superbly serene and fascinating Kyoto – Japan’s cultural epicentre.

Tour website

From $740

Tokyo Short Stay

Flexible departure dates (land only, independent travel)

Enjoy a full-day of touring with a local guide utilising Tokyo’s super-efficient metro system. See Tokyo’s most famous upmarket shopping and dining district. Adjoining is the Imperial Palace, the main residence of the Emperor.

Package website

From $2,290

Japan Impressions

Flexible departure dates (land only, independent travel)

Japan’s three best-known cities will certainly leave you with lasting impressions as you travel between skyscrapers and shrines by Shinkansen (bullet-train). The bustling life in Tokyo provides a sharp, yet complementary contrast with the traditions and temples of Kyoto. See Osaka’s architecture beautifully framed by cherry blossoms if you time…

Package website

From $5,050

Japan Unrivalled 13 days

Regular monthly departures (land only)

‘Japan Unrivalled’ is the perfect mix of culture, iconic sights and chill out time. Travel with a Contiki Trip Manager & Local guide team for 13 nights, uncovering all the Japanese hot spots with some lesser known gems. Experience a Buddhist ceremony, tour the Tsukiji Fish Markets or chill out…

Tour website

From $3,222

Cherry Blossom Japan 14 days

Mid-March to early April

Visit some of Japan’s renowned cherry blossom viewing locations in addition to the must-see spectacles of Japan. Experience the hustle and bustle of modern Tokyo, the rich culture and history of Kyoto and Hiroshima, the tradition and nature in Takayama, and the icon of Japan, Mt Fuji, in combination with…

Tour Website