New AR Navigation App "PinnAR"

New AR Navigation App “PinnAR”

New AR Navigation App “PinnAR”

Partners Information: Telecom Square has launched “PinnAR”, an AR navigation application that will guide users to their destination.

Available in 4 languages, the app can be used when travelling in Japan as well as anywhere in the world.

The AR navigation is intuitive and perfect for those who have trouble reading maps, or are unable to type the location they are searching for.

3 main functions of PinnAR:

  1. Word Scanner (OCR) – use the camera to scan words from signs or printed material to search for a destination, even if you can’t read or type them out.
  2. AR Navigation – markers overlay reality to guide users to their destination. Users simply move towards the arrows on their screen to reach their desired destination.
  3. Nearby Places – using information from Google Places, users can look for various places near their location. There are over 15 different categories of places: train (stations), bus (stops), restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping, hospitals, hotels, ATMs, convenience stores, taxi stands, leisure, museums, electronic shops, nightclubs. This service is only available in countries supported by Google Places.