Nakasendo Trail – Villages of old Japan

Nakasendo Trail – Villages of old Japan

Nakasendo Trail – Villages of old Japan

The Nakasendo trail linked Kyoto to Tokyo during Japan’s feudal period. It was the ‘road through the mountains’ (as opposed to the Tokaido route which travelled the Pacific coast) travelled by feudal lords and their retainers, samurai, merchants, and travellers.

Along the route were 69 ‘post towns’, where weary travellers could rest before continuing on the next leg.

On this village-to-village walk, travellers can stay in traditional country inns enjoying exquisite regional cuisine prepared from the freshest ingredients, soak in natural hot springs, and enjoy the warm hospitality of their hosts.

For an in-depth experience of the Nakasendo trail, please see the following video:

Oku Japan’s journey starts in Tokyo, known as Edo during Japan’s period of rule by the Shoguns.

Then, for four days, the travellers walk along the ancient route as it passes through beautifully-preserved villages along an easy path. Oku Japan’s guests can explore the exquisitely-preserved villages of Narai, Tsumago and Magome. Then heading to Mount Koya, travellers stay in monastery lodgings in the temple town of Mount Koya.

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