Mt Fuji Climbing Dates and Tips

Mt Fuji Climbing Dates and Tips

Mt Fuji Climbing Dates and Tips

Mt Fuji climbing season is starting soon! With proper training and preparation, your Mt Fuji climb will be a memorable experience.

2017 climbing season dates

The trails will be open as follows:

Tips for safe and fun mountain climbing

1. Avoid the crowds

2. Get fit and rest properly

3. Bring proper equipment

4. Be prepared for unexpected changes in weather conditions and temperature

5. First-aid centres

First-aid centres vary depending on the location.

Yoshida Trail:

All three centres are located on the up-trail; there are none along the down trail.

In the event of accident or injury, seek help from a nearby mountain hut or contact one of the following:

5th General Administration Center: 0555-72-1477

On-site Safety Headquarters: 090-5190-0167/0471

Fujinomiya Trail:

6. Bring disposable toilets

7. Bring cash (Japanese yen)

There are no ATMs at and above the 5th Stations and many mountain huts accept payment in cash only. Bring yen for payment, including small change for contributions for using the toilet.

8. Descending the mountain

Support Mt Fuji Conservation with a donation

Donations are used to preserve Mt Fuji’s environment and ensure the safety and support of climbers.

Where to donate:

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