Japan’s Aussie Fans on Facebook Exceed 20,000

Japan’s Aussie Fans on Facebook Exceed 20,000

Japan’s Aussie Fans on Facebook Exceed 20,000

SYDNEY March 21, 2013 – The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Sydney Office’s Facebook page “Visit Japan Down Under” (or VJDU), which was launched in October 2011, now has more than 20,000 fans who are sharing their love of Japan.

As the official Facebook page for Australian and New Zealand travellers, VJDU is the ultimate platform for your daily Japan fix. While JNTO Sydney posts content to stimulate interest and share insights into Japanese culture and traditions, along with up-to-date news and local tips, our fans too are becoming more active and engaged discussing their favourite experiences and posting photos showcasing their travels in Japan.

JNTO Executive Director, Hiroshi Kuwamoto said social media like Facebook allow people to share their personal experiences on Japan. “In only 18 months we were able to increase our fanbase to this substantial number and capture 0.09% of the Australian population. Be it a first time visitor or a veteran traveller, we hope that more and more Japan fans from Australia and New Zealand join us and share their love of Japan”.

Visit Japan Down Under’s fanbase comprises of 58 per cent female and 42 per cent male. The most popular age groups are 25~34 and 35~44, with identical numbers. JNTO Sydney occasionally runs competitions on VJDU and utilises the social media platform to drive fans to relevant marketing activities, such as its microsite Postcards from Japan.

Visit Japan Down Under: http://www.facebook.com/VisitJapanDownUnder

Postcards from Japan:  https://www.jnto.org.au/postcards

JNTO Sydney Office: https://www.jnto.org.au/


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