Japan Tourism to launch Visit Japan Year 2010 Campaign

Japan Tourism to launch Visit Japan Year 2010 Campaign

Japan Tourism to launch Visit Japan Year 2010 Campaign

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) will launch a multi-faceted worldwide strategic marketing campaign for 2009-2010 in a bid to boost inbound visitor numbers and achieve the Japanese government’s Visit Japan Campaign target of attracting ten million international visitors per year to Japan by 2010.

The Visit Japan Year (VJY) 2010 Campaign which is scheduled to be launched in the Australian market on November 25, 2009 and run through March 29, 2010, will focus on promoting Japan’s 1) affordability, 2) experiential tourism, 3) ski fields and outdoor adventure activities, 4) second golden route, and 5) cuisine and sake.

“Yokoso! ” means welcome

Yokoso-means-welcomeStrategies for the Australian market include a combination of online marketing efforts, TV and print media commercials, and the establishment of a dedicated campaign website which will host a competition offering prizes such as air tickets and accommodations in Japan.

The campaign competition will be held over two time periods; the first from November 25, 2009 through January 5, 2010, and the second from February 1 through February 28, 2010. The winners will be chosen in mid to late January and mid to late March, respectively.

Like other countries, Japan has suffered a decline in visitor numbers due to the global financial crisis.

“The major factors that have impacted on visitor arrivals to Japan are the global economic downturn, H1N1 influenza and high airline fuel surcharges,” said JNTO Sydney Executive Director, Yukio Yamashita. “The depreciation of the Australian dollar against the yen had a huge impact on inbound visitor numbers. In particular, we experienced a sharp decline in business travellers.”

However, with the gradual appreciation of the Australian dollar against the yen, Japan has started on the road to recovery.

”At the lowest point of the global financial crisis, the Australian dollar fell to as low as 56 yen, but it has made a strong comeback and is now around 83 yen. This is great news for travellers,” Yamashita said.

With the additional marketing push of the Visit Japan Year 2010 Campaign, the JNTO Sydney office is projecting a considerable increase in Australian visitors to Japan next year.

“I am confident the Visit Japan Year 2010 Campaign will attract more visitors to Japan. Japan has a diverse range of attractions. It has so much to offer the Australian traveller.”

“At JNTO we want to get more information than ever before about Japan out to the Australian market using a range of marketing strategies.”

“Through the campaign, Australians will have increased access to Japan travel information, particularly via the dedicated campaign website. I would like to invite people to visit the JNTO Sydney website as the first stop for Japan travel information and as a stepping stone to the campaign site which is scheduled to go live on November 25.”