Japan: one of the world's safest countries

Japan: one of the world’s safest countries

Japan: one of the world’s safest countries

Japan has been ranked as the third most peaceful country in the world in the recently released 2010 Global Peace Index (GPI) compiled by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).

The results of the fourth annual GPI which is composed of 23 peace indicators including safety and security in society, and 32 related factors including civil liberties and hostility to foreigners/private property, reinforces that Japan is one of the safest countries in the world.

While Japan is already well known for its high level of safety and low levels of crime, this ranking reconfirms the advantages of choosing Japan as a travel destination, and is especially reassuring for those travelling alone or with children.

The 2010 GPI reported that Japan remained free from civil unrest in 2009, while violent crimes and homicides are rare and terrorist acts highly unlikely. Respect for human rights is high and stringent laws prohibit the possession of firearms.

In addition to a superior level of safety and security, the general honesty in Japanese society is evident by the number and type of items handed in at Lost and Found counters in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

According to the most recent figures released by the Metropolitan Police Department, 2,332,904 items were handed in as ‘found items’ in Tokyo in 2008. Among the most common items were umbrellas, clothing, wallets, ID cards and mobile phones. The amount of cash among the lost property totaled 2.7 billion yen which equates to approximately $36.9 million.

Japan came in third behind New Zealand and Iceland in the 2010 Global Peace Index. The 2010 GPI ranked 149 nations of the world by their peacefulness.

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