Channel 7's Sunrise to broadcast LIVE reports from Japan!

Channel 7’s Sunrise to broadcast LIVE reports from Japan!

Channel 7’s Sunrise to broadcast LIVE reports from Japan!

CH7 Sunrise brings Japan to you – Grant Denyer challenges samurai and sumo wrestlers!

Sydney 19 August, 2011- Japan National Tourism Organization Sydney Office (JNTO Sydney) proudly sponsors Channel 7 “Sunrise”, and in cooperation with the Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney, Jetstar and the City of Kyoto, welcomes weather presenter Mr. Grant Denyer and crew to Japan.

Mr. Denyer will visit Japan and will report LIVE on Japan’s popular destinations and its attractions from 23rd August to 26th August.

He will visit Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market to enjoy fresh tuna sashimi; meet a rickshaw man in traditional town Asakusa feeling his high spirited energy and take lessons from a samurai learning how to become a warrior.

He will also experience Japan’s heartfelt hospitality through relaxing in onsen (hot springs) in Hakone and sake tasting in Kyoto. These experiences will offer him an enchanting adventure through Japan, a land of mixed culture where the modern harmoniously blends in with the traditional.

The number of Australian visitors to Japan decreased straight after the March event, however, gradually numbers are picking up again, recording 86,300 visitors for the first half of 2011, a 26.4% decrease from the previous term. Japan Tourism has high hopes for positive messages the Sunrise team will deliver to the Australian market.

JNTO Sydney Executive Director, Yukio Yamashita commented: “Ever since the earthquake and tsunami in March, the Australian public may feel it is difficult to travel to Japan. Showcasing how Japan is now through Sunrise’s LIVE footage, we hope for the public to see the real situation in Japan and to rest assured that they can still have an enjoyable and memorable holiday in Japan.”

In the past couple of months, JNTO Sydney has been undertaking a wide range of marketing activities aiming for a speedier recovery of Japan’s tourism. Some of these include advertisements in various media, contributing more to the media coverage of Japan and travel agents familiarisation trips to Japan.