Authentic cuisine draws Australians to Japan

Authentic cuisine draws Australians to Japan

Authentic cuisine draws Australians to Japan

Japanese cuisine was the main motivation for Australians travelling to Japan in 2009, according to results of the Japan National Tourism Organization’s (JNTO) annual survey of international visitors released on July 30, 2010.

Seventy two percent of Australian respondents cited Japanese cuisine as the number one reason for their trip.

When asked which particular Japanese foods they really enjoyed during their stay 51.6 percent of respondents cited sushi, followed by sashimi (28.1 percent), ramen noodles (21.9 percent), udon noodles (17.2 percent), and tempura (14.1 percent).

These results show that Australians enjoy a range of Japanese food with their interest going beyond just the ubiquitous sushi.

Other motivations for visiting Japan cited by Australians were shopping which came in second, followed by visiting historic landmarks, visiting busy downtown areas and experiencing the local lifestyle.

The survey also showed that Australians are not alone in their love of Japanese food with 58.5 percent of all respondents citing Japanese food as the main purpose for their travel. This resulted in Japanese cuisine being ranked number one in the entire survey, overtaking shopping which had occupied the top position each year since 2006.

It is evident that the increasing popularity of Japanese cuisine worldwide is having a very positive impact on tourism, drawing food lovers who seek out authentic culinary experiences to Japan.

The survey was conducted in the departures area of Japan’s eight major international airports and one major seaport. Respondents were international visitors who had stayed in Japan for between two and 90 days.

Among the Japanese food Australians enjoyed in Japan were sushi, sashimi and tempura.