Australian arrivals to Japan have seen another increase

Australian arrivals to Japan have seen another increase

Australian arrivals to Japan have seen another increase

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has unveiled inbound visitor numbers for 2010. Australian arrivals to Japan for 2010 numbered 225,800, 6.7% (14,000 people) increase compared to 211,659 in 2009.

In December 2010 alone, 24,800 Australians visited Japan, an increase of 2.3% (600 people) compared to the same period last year. Australia’s share of inbound arrivals to Japan represented 2.6% of the total visitors in 2010.


Australia has retained its position as the sixth major Japan inbound market for the fourth year running, with its position currently ahead of Thailand, the UK, Singapore and Canada and behind South Korea, China, Taiwan, USA and Hong Kong.

JNTO cited a number of contributors to the growth in visitor numbers, such as the improving business conditions around the world; positive publicity and advertising results, and the increase in needs for ski travel. Japan is blessed with qualified international ski resorts and during the season, which is December through late March and early April received good amount of snow, making Japan the perfect destination for snow holidays.

JNTO Sydney Executive Director, Yukio Yamashita commented: “We are pleased that a number of Australianstravelled to Japan to discover its wealth of attractions and beauty. For many years Japan has been perceived as an expensive country with high language barriers. Nowadays, most Australians who have visited Japan realise that it is actually a very affordable travel destination and language barriers have been greatly reduced. I believe that public knowledge has also led to the increase in tourist numbers.”

All of Japan’s major inbound markets performed well in 2010 and visitor arrivals from all inbound markets totaled 8,61million. This is a 26.8% increase from 8,35million in 2008, which was the highest number on records thus far.

The figures released by JNTO are based on arrivals of Australian passport holders and include business, leisure and stopover visitors.