Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo's Limited Time Offer

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo’s Limited Time Offer

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo’s Limited Time Offer

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo has introduced a limited time offer for guests staying in the Hello Kitty rooms from 1st April to 30th June 2016: a special Hello Kitty doll in a bell-hop uniform present to celebrate the hotel’s 45th anniversary.

Hello Kitty rooms were opened in 2014 to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday. Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo offers eight Hello Kitty rooms in two themes; “KITTY TOWN” with the pop décor and “PRINCESS KITTY” whose furniture is dedicated to the charm of Kitty.

These rooms are popular with both domestic Japanese and overseas travellers.

"KITTY TOWN" themed room

“KITTY TOWN” themed room

"PRINCESS KITTY" themed room

“PRINCESS KITTY” themed room

Guests which stay in the Hello Kitty rooms can also enjoy specially created Hello Kitty amenities including Hello Kitty letter sets, pens, plastic bags, slippers and other souvenirs to take home with them as warm reminders of their stay. Hello Kitty room guests can also order breakfast room service featuring a unique Hello Kitty menu including an omelette, sandwich, soup and more.

About the Keio Plaza Hotel

Located in Shinjuku at the heart of the nation’s capital Tokyo, The Keio Plaza Hotel is one of Japan’s leading international hotels. The hotel boasts over 20 restaurants and bars, excellent facilities, top-notch services and warm hospitality.

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