Keio Plaza Hotel Ikebana Exhibition

Keio Plaza Hotel Ikebana Exhibition

Keio Plaza Hotel Ikebana Exhibition

The Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo will host a special “Ikebana” (flower arrangement) exhibition by renowned artist Hiroki Maeno from 1-16 April 2017.

A large 2.7 x 5 m flower arrangement adorned by some 200 “sakura” (cherry blossom) branches will be displayed on the 3rd floor main lobby for guests to enjoy.

Ikebana artist Hiroki Maeno will also hold two workshops, on Thursday 6 April (at 4pm and 6.30pm) in front of his arrangement in the lobby.


Flower Arrangement Display

By artist Hiroki Maeno.

Date: 1 April (Saturday) to 16 (Sunday) 2017
Location: Main Tower 3rd floor lobby, free entry

Ikebana Flower Arrangement Workshop

Workshop by Hiroki Maeno. Limited to 8 guests staying in the hotel per workshop.

Date & Time: 4pm and 6.30pm on Thursday 6 April 2017
Location: Main Tower 3rd floor, free

About Hiroki Maeno

Hiroki Maeno has been given the guild name “Hana-Takumi Maeno” or “Flower Artisan Maeno”, in recognition of his talent and ability in the art of Ikebana flower arrangement. He is also known as a “Flower Arrangement Architect” because of the beauty and grand scale of his works. He has created many flower arrangements for events such as the APEC Energy Meeting in Kyoto, the 1300 year Anniversary of Jinguji Temple and for other events including TV and plays.


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