Keikyu Misaki Maguro Pass

Keikyu Misaki Maguro Pass

Keikyu Misaki Maguro Pass

Keikyu Corporation has launched the Keikyu Misaki Maguro Pass to highlight the charms of the Miura area, including the local specialty, maguro (tuna).

The pass allows convenient access from Tokyo to popular tourist areas such as Yokohama and Kamakura, and allows visitors to access lesser-known areas such as Kamata, Kawasaki, and the Miura peninsula.


(1) Subject Sections

(2) Fees

Adult Children (aged between 6 and 11)
5,500 yen 3,530 yen

(3) Validity period

Two (2) consecutive days

(4) Validity

Keikyu lines

(Note: Passengers cannot use automatic ticket gate machines with this ticket; you must present the ticket at a station ticket gate window with a staff member when entering and exiting the ticket gates.)

Keikyu Express Buses

Tuna Cuisine Meal Ticket

Leisure Facilities Use Ticket

(5) Eligibility

Only customers that have a passport issued by a nation other than Japan and whose visa status in Japan is “Short-term stay”.

(6) Purchase and exchange

Sales locations

Exchange locations

The voucher can be exchanged from up to 2 days before the usage date until the usage date.

Visit Keikyu Web and view or download the Misaki Maguro Pass PDF for more information.