JR-KYUSHU Rail Pass Fukuoka Wide

JR-KYUSHU Rail Pass Fukuoka Wide

JR-KYUSHU Rail Pass Fukuoka Wide

Partners Information: Kyushu Railway Company (JR-KYUSHU) has commenced sales of a new rail pass aimed at overseas visitors, the JR-KYUSHU Rail Pass (Fukuoka Wide).

Use the pass to travel easily to main tourist spots within Fukuoka Prefecture as well as the Karatsu area of Saga Prefecture, freely boarding and alighting on Limited Express and Local trains in the non-reserved seating cars.

Bonus: Receive various privileges when you show the pass in areas where the pass is valid.

Sales period

1 September 2018 to 31 August 2019

Validity period

2 consecutive days


Adults (aged 12 and over): 3,000 yen
Children (aged between 6-11): 1,500 yen

Usage guide

Freely board and alight from Limited Express trains (excluding Shinkansen) and Local trains using the non-reserved seats in the main area of Fukuoka Prefecture and Karatsu in Saga Prefecture.



The pass is for holders of passports other than Japan, entering Japan on a short-term stay (up to 90 days). Passports will be checked at time of purchase.

Sales locations


Overseas travel agencies selling products such as the JR-KYUSHU Rail Pass.

Within Japan

Station Ticket Office: JR Kyushu Hakata Station (Rail Pass counter), JR Kyushu Kokura Station (Ticket Office), Mojiko Station (Ticket Office)

Information Center: Hakata Station General Information

Airport: JTB Fukuoka Airport Global Counter (inside the 1st floor Arrivals Lobby of the Fukuoka Airport International Terminal)

Harbour: Hakata International Port (BEETLE Counter) (Hakata Port International Terminal 1st Floor)

Usage area

R-KYUSHU Rail Pass Fukuoka Wide usage area

Further information