Japan Travel Online Community

Japan Travel Online Community

Japan Travel Online Community

Applications have now closed

Recruiting participants for the time-limited “Japan Travel Online Community (JTOC)”.

We would like to invite you to share your ideas and experiences about travelling in inner Japan.

From late-January this year, JNTO is launching “Japan Travel Online Community (JTOC)”, a new online community centered on travels in inner Japan (excluding the well-known paths of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka). We invite you to participate in this community and share your travelling experiences and ideas. This website will only be available for the period of a month.

1. Objectives

The purpose of the community is to provide an online platform that enables travelers globally to share about the attractive of areas in inner Japan. JNTO hopes to support spreading the shared ideas with the involved parts in the different destinations in Japan as well as with future visitors.

2. Activities

The community will be run in English, with 2-3 topics and questionnaires posted each week. We hope to count with your participation and hear your comments, ideas and suggestions!

3. Requirements

Note: If the number of candidates exceeds 100, the successful applicants will be selected by means of a draw.

4. Operating period of the online community

The online community platform is to be operating between January 22nd to February 21st, 2018 (*).
* According to the local time in Japan (GMT+9hrs)
* Subject to changes depending on number of candidates.

5. Contact (*)


Applications have now closed.