Introducing the Tokyo Starter Kit

Introducing the Tokyo Starter Kit

Introducing the Tokyo Starter Kit

The Tokyo Start Kit is a special passenger ticket with a new concept to solve problems of overseas travellers visiting Tokyo such as:

The ticket aims to help travellers enjoy their stay in Tokyo in a safer and more convenient way.

Details of the pass


1) Tokyo Subway 72-hour Ticket

Unlimited journeys on all Tokyo Metro lines and all Toei Subway lines for 72 hours after first use.

2) Toei Bus One-day Pass

Unlimited journeys within a one-day period in the 23 wards of Tokyo on Toei Bus (except on Koto Route 01)

*When using late-night bus services, you are requested to pay the surcharge of 210 yen in cash (206 yen when using an IC card). You can use a previous day’s One-day Pass on the Toei Bus from midnight today to 4:00am tomorrow morning.

3) Chikatoku

‘Chikatoku’ is a service which provides unique privileges such as discounts and presents if you show eligible tickets (Tokyo Subway Ticket or Toei Bus One-day Pass) at the participating facilities/stores.

General support services for overseas visitors

Support is available for up to 72 hours from the midnight following the purchase date of the Tokyo Starter Kit.

1) Travel insurance


Cashless medical service

We will put you in contact with a medical institution suitable to your injury or disease so you can receive treatment without bearing any medical cost. The insurance company pays the medical costs directly. You can receive medical treatment for up to 5 million yen without self-pay.

Telephone interpretation services

On receiving medical examinations at a medical insitution, you can use a telephone interpretation service in 3 languages: English, Chinese and Korean. You can also use this telephone interpretation service in 43 languages at restaurants, hotels as well as medical institutions.

Travel services

We provide comprehensive service including support if your passport or credit card is lost or stolen, including a pick up service between the airport and hotel and communication with your family abroad.

2) Conveying disaster information

Using a special app in English, Chinese and Korean, users of the Tokyo Starter Kit will receive information on natural disasters according to their location. The app will provide information on the nearest evacuation area and how to get there.


3,000 yen (no child, senior or disability discounts apply)

Sales method

You can purchase the Tokyo Starter Kit at the following locations:

Passports will be scanned at time of purchase.

Further information