Kagoshima is a vibrant city of about a half a million people.   It is the southernmost Japanese city (excluding the island cities of Okinawa), and it is just across a bay from one of the world’s few active volcanoes, Sakura Jima.   The restaurant scene is one of the most exciting of any Japanese city: just visit the Tenmonkan area, and walk down any of the backstreets to be amazed. There must be around a hundred friendly small restaurants serving a wide range of cuisine, including the freshest sushi and sashimi. Kagoshima’s vibrant back street restaurant scene is one not to be missed.

Go to the Tourist Information Office, situated in the central railway station, and ask for a “Gourmet Guide & Area Map”. This map has many restaurants, as well as coffee & fast food places, pubs, hotels, drugstores and supermarkets.  They can also provide you with maps of the many parks and gardens, historical museums and art galleries you can visit.

Statue by Ian Hunter

Statue near the base of Sakurajima

Volcano by Ian Hunter

What the statue is looking at. That cloud looking stuff is not cloud, rather the left overs of a burping volcano.

Sakurajima by Ian Hunter

A minute or so before the sun gets up, Sakura Jima has a burp or forty.

Words and photos by Ian Hunter.

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