Hotel Hoshinoya Tokyo Now Open!

Hotel Hoshinoya Tokyo Now Open!

Hotel Hoshinoya Tokyo Now Open!

Experience Authentic Japan in the Heart of Cosmopolitan Tokyo

Hoshino Resorts Inc. opened its fifth HOSHINOYA resort in Tokyo on 20th July 2016. “HOSHINOYA Tokyo” is situated in Otemachi, the economic center of Japan, surrounded by financial and media giants. It is located on property once owned by the heirs of Sakai Tadatsugu, right-hand man to the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Entrance

Otemachi, next to the Imperial Palace, was an area of Bushi’s (vassals) mansions during the Edo-period, Tokugawa shogunate. Hence, this area has a distinctive atmosphere different from other areas of Tokyo such as Shinjuku or Shibuya. Such a location calls for a suitably grand facade; yet these factors must not betray the creativity and sense of play that are essential to the HOSHINOYA experience. Balancing these concepts, a “tower ryokan” offers the warmth and relaxed ambience of a traditional Japanese inn, without being overshadowed by its imposing surroundings.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Tower Ryokan

Rie Azuma, who has designed all four HOSHINOYA resorts to date, designed the interior and acted as consultant for the exterior, which was built by large-scale construction specialists Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei and NTT Facilities. Building a ryokan right in the middle of Tokyo was always going to be an ambitious project, but it was important that such a scale did not overwhelm the HOSHINOYA ethos. Azuma, therefore, started with the most basic concepts associated with ryokan.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo shoes box

Upon arrival at a traditional ryokan, a guest first removes their shoes, and is then led to their room. Although simple in nature, this process is significant. It is both an invitation for the guest to treat the entire building as if it were their home, as well as a confirmation of the inn’s exclusivity – one cannot enter the premises uninvited. Believing this to be a valuable cultural experience, Azuma used this as a basis for her entire interior design concept.

She started by making sure every walkable surface, including corridors, was layered with soft tatami matting. Unlike the typical ryokan, there are no wooden floors. She then outfitted the rooms and public areas with furnishings that encourage a floor-level style of relaxation as is traditional in Japan.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo guest room KIKU

The exterior of the structure is shrouded by a metal lattice of komon patterns. These patterns are traditionally featured on kimono and are designed to be difficult to discern from a distance, while revealing their elegance up close. By veiling the building behind this classic design, Azuma has given it the look of an elegant jewel box hidden among the soaring office buildings that surround it.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Guest Room

HOSHINOYA Tokyo promises a new kind of ryokan experience for both Japanese and non-Japanese guests.


1-9-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004 Japan

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