Hida Regional Guides

Hida Regional Guides

Hida Regional Guides

Partners Information: Get more out of your visit to the Hida area (northern Gifu Prefecture) with a certified Hida regional guide. The Hida area contains many tourist attractions such as Takayama and surrounds, including the UNESCO World Heritage listed thatched-roof village of Shirakawago.

The Hida regional guides will enrich your visit with their deep, expert knowledge of the area.

Who are the regional guides?

All members are certified by the local government and cover the Hida area exclusively. They have completed a course for training as a regional guide organised by a council representing local cities and villages.

Available languages

English or Chinese

Service areas

Takayama City, Hida City, Gero City and Shirakawago

Guide fees

All guides registered on the site charge for their services and the guide fees vary depending on the guide. Please contact the guides directly for further details via https://en.hida-regionalguide.com/