HI! Japan Podcast

HI! Japan Podcast

HI! Japan Podcast

Partners Information: Japan Youth Hostels, Inc, an organisation dedicated to providing affordable accommodation in Japan, has released a new podcast that every Japan traveller should listen to.

This new podcast launched in January on iTunes and Stitcher and offers must-know tips to help listeners get the most out of their stay in Japan.

Hi! Japan Podcast is the first of its kind to deliver in-depth information with professional quality.

Season 1 with 4 episodes, covers the following topics:

  1. Why Visit Japan? – 8 Reasons why Japan should be your next holiday destination
  2. How Expensive Is Japan? – The facts about travelling to Japan on a budget
  3. How To Get Around In Japan – Is a Japan Rail Pass worth it for travelling in Japan?
  4. Staying Connected In Japan – What you need to know

Produced by Japan World Link Ltd, and hosted by Jeremy Enns.

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