Guided hike of Yamanobe, Japan's oldest road

Guided hike of Yamanobe, Japan’s oldest road

Guided hike of Yamanobe, Japan’s oldest road

Partners Information: Fancy trekking the oldest road recorded in Japanese history?

Walk the Yamanobe-no-michi with an expert English-speaking tour guide on your next visit to Japan.

The road threads alongside the food of the mountains at the eastern edge of the Nara basin. The area along the road features place names and legends from the Kojiki, Nihonshoki (the oldest Japanese history books) and Manyoushu (Japan’s oldest anthology of poems).

During the walk you will discover shrines, old temples and ancient tomb mounds, one after the next.

Discover ancient Japan through these unique sightseeing spots.

Feel the life of the local people as you explore fields, orchards and unattended shops.

Expert tour guides will point out seasonal attractions too.


12,000 yen per person


Available year-round

Tour duration

6 hours (9:00am-3:00pm)

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