Furano Biei Rail Ticket

Furano Biei Rail Ticket

Furano Biei Rail Ticket

Partners Information: Take a train trip to the Furano and Biei areas of Hokkaido!

The Furano Biei Rail Ticket allows includes round-trip travel from Sapporo Station to Furano-Biei using the non-reserved seats section of the limited express trains. It also allows you to board any local train in the non-reserved seating section as many times as you like within the Furano-Biei Free-ride section, so you can stay in the area and explore at your leisure.

With this ticket, you can save 4,440 yen off the price of an ordinary round-trip fare from Sapporo to Biei!


4 days

Ticket price

6,500 yen for adults, 6,250 yen for children (aged 6-11).

Sales period

On sale until 28 October 2018

Usable period

For travel between 28 April and 31 October 2018


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