FlyStation Japan - Indoor Skydiving

FlyStation Japan – Indoor Skydiving

Partners Information: Ever dreamed of being able to fly freely and float midair? Make your dreams a reality at the one and only indoor skydiving experience in all of Japan!

Whether it’s your first time flying or you’ve flown before, get one-on-on guidance with a professional flight instructor and tips for improving your flight skills.

Wind wraps around your body and you’ll float in the air like a bird. Let adrenaline and excitement take over your body as you allow yourself to fly freely up to a height of six stories!

If you’re scared, don’t be! FlyStation Japan has one of the most advance technologies in the world.

Wind recirculates in the cylinders on the left and right of the tunnels, creating up to 200km/hr winds. Get ready for the best flying experience!

From taking a leap at your first session to taking lessons with our professional instructors, before you know it, you will have the skills needed to be deemed a pro-flyer, and perhaps even one to compete in indoor skydiving competitions!

Come and enjoy the one and only indoor skydiving experience in Japan!

For more information, visit:

FlyStation Japan

Location: 6-19-3 Lake Town, Koshigaya, Saitama
Tel: + 81- 48-940-5010
Opening hours: 10:00~19:00