Japanese Denim

Japanese Denim

Japanese Denim

Japanese denim is universally lauded as some of the best in the world, as the dyeing and manufacturing process draws on Japan’s rich history of textiles. This means a trip to Japan is a great opportunity to pick up that new pair of jeans. Given the structural integrity and timeless style of Japanese denim, you may never need another pair!

Whilst you can pick up a pair of jeans at almost any clothing store in Japan, there are a number of specialist boutiques in Tokyo that truly excel at the art of denim.


Hinoya is one of Tokyo’s oldest streetwear institutions, in Taito-ku. With over 65 years’ experience in denim and workwear, you can be assured that Hinoya denim is built to last, and built with style.

Museum Of Your History Minami-Aoyama

Located in Minato-ku, this flagship denim store is the brainchild of designer Hiroshi Kato, and the home of their in-house brands Kato’, AAA and Grandma Mama Daughter.

Momotaro Jeans Aoyama

Also in Minato-ku, this is the Tokyo store for a denim brand that was born in Kojima (‘the birthplace of Japanese jeans’). Momotaro Jeans are famous for their characteristic fade.

Kuro Flag Shop

A mix of style and details, Kuro Flag Shop in Harajuku draws on a painstakingly detailed process inspired by traditional Japanese looms to create their slim, minimalist jeans.

Kapital Legs

This Shibuya-ku store is a subset of the Kapital brand, focusing on craftsmanship, jeans and skirts using traditional Japanese looming. Lovers of longevity should cast their eyes upon ‘Century Denim’, jeans made with the aim of lasting 100 years.

Daikanyama UES

As the name suggests, this gorgeous store is located in fashionable Daikanyama. UES is an atelier that uses Zimbabwean cotton to create flexible yet strong jeans. Worth a trip for the store alone.