Indulge in Japan

Sometimes you just need to stop, take a break and treat yourself in luxury when you travel. Some of the most indulgent experiences in the world are available for travellers in Japan, which is world renowned for its deep rooted omotenashi culture, meaning to wholeheartedly entertain guests. This hospitality is matched by decadent and luxurious settings from Michelin starred restaurants to world class hotels in both glistening metropolises and the tranquil outdoors.

Match the omotenashi culture and luxurious settings with the famed Japanese craftsmanship, attention to detail and perfection of artforms, and you’ll find that when travelling in Japan, endless relaxation and indulgent experiences are inevitable.

Japan ‘The Luxe Guide’

Where breathtaking landscapes meet fascinating traditions and modern culture. Luxury travel in Japan is boundless, from five-star hotels and world-class dining, to high-end fashion and boutique onsen. Vogue has rounded up the best of luxury travel in Japan to bring you ‘The Luxe Guide’.

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Indulge in Cuisine & Nightlife

If you’re on a foodie’s adventure, or just capping off your trip with a night in style, Japan has a world class selection of Michelin starred restaurants and nightlife options to indulge in. In particular, the refined perfection in both preparation and presentation that Kaiseki cuisine offers is where anyone seeking an indulgent meal should begin.

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The Best City Hotels

If you’ve ever had the desire to fall asleep above the glistening neon lights of a bustling city in unparalleled comfort, that can be arranged. Japan has an incredible selection of world class award winning hotels that provide every service for business and pleasure travellers in the city.

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Escaping the City in Luxury

Sometimes you just need to escape the city and really indulge in the hospitality and luxury on offer to achieve ultimate relaxation. Whether its tropical waters lapping at your door, or enjoying the view of the mountains from your private hot spring in one of Japan’s best ryokan, throughout Japan you’ll find endless opportunity for indulgence.

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