World Heritage Sites

World Heritage Sites

World Heritage Sites

Looking to immerse yourself in Japan’s unique culture, amazing traditions and stunning natural environment? Whether it’s the serenity of Fuji-san or the historic monuments of ancient Kyoto, the 19 cultural and 4 natural UNESCO World Heritage sites throughout Japan are a great starting point.

With so many incredible places and sites on offer, deciding where to visit on your holiday to Japan can be difficult! If you’re feeling a little spoilt for choice, a helpful ready-made itinerary can be found via the 23 UNESCO World Heritage sites across Japan.

You can be certain you’ve ticked off the truly iconic destinations in Japan by following this list, including the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto. Set in a fertile basin with rivers winding through it from the surrounding mountains, Kyoto has a charming natural landscape that provides a colourful, contrasting backdrop to the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto.

As Japan’s capital and cultural centre for over 1,000 years, the city is filled with exquisite architecture, gardens and other cultural treasures. However, the World Heritage-listed properties are some of its most grand and are a must-see part of the Golden Route, a classic circuit of Japan’s best destinations linked together by the bullet train.

Of course, no journey to Japan’s most iconic locales is complete without taking in the incredible Mt Fuji, or Fuji-san as it is reverentially known in Japan. Mt Fuji’s palette of rich forests, serene lakes and apocalyptic volcano-scapes has long been treated with the same reverence as the brush strokes of Michelangelo depicting the divine.

In the summer months, you can rise to the challenge of climbing Fuji-san’s 3,776-metre peak, or in other seasons enjoy the region’s many hot springs, temples, and surrounding great lakes as you gaze upon the truly monumental glory of Mt Fuji.

These two sites are just a taste of the globally-recognised sites honoured by UNESCO waiting to be discovered on your trip. From the architectural wonder of Himeji Castle to the historical gravity of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, your ready-made UNESCO World Heritage itinerary carves a perfect pathway for any visitor.