Japanese Cuisine

So revered is Japan’s cuisine that you can find it almost anywhere in the world, whether it’s your local sushi train or a bar that’s serving sake. Despite this, absolutely nothing compares to the quality and variety of cuisine you can enjoy when in Japan.

From the traditional dishes of Kaiseki cuisine, sashimi, sushi and more that were developed from thousands of years of isolation, to truly unique regional specialties, all of which are accompanied by distinctive and iconic Japanese drinks; Japan provides a smorgasbord of options for food lovers to discover.

Begin your journey of endless discovery into the cuisine of Japan below.

The price is right: Japan’s best budget and blow-out eats

From cheap eats to gourmet gastronomy, in Japan it’s possible to eat well at every price point. Here’s some of the best dining experiences at both ends of the financial scale:

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Masterchef Australia in Japan

Follow Masterchef Australia judges Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston and George Calombaris, and contestants as they journey to Japan for the first time!

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Taste of Japan: 6 Places Beyond Tokyo

Japan is renowned for its diverse and delicious cuisine. From ramen in Kyoto, to pancakes in Hiroshima, no matter where you are in Japan dining delights are plentiful. With the help of foodie bible Delicious magazine, we’ve rounded up the best ‘off the beaten track’ culinary hotspots.

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Thousands of years of isolation allowed Japan to develop a selection of unique and distinctive cuisines. From sushi and sashimi to tonkatsu and tempura, the traditional cuisine of Japan is known worldwide for not only its taste and flavours, but also for the immaculate preparation and presentation involved.

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Regional Specialities

From the wintery highlands of Hokkaido, to the tropical islands of the south, Japan’s diversity in climate and ecosystem across its 47 prefectures has caused a range of regional delicacies to develop over centuries. Whether it's the devil’s tongue jelly of the far north or the Goya Champuru of Okinawa, there are plenty of specialties to discover in a journey through Japan.

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Washing down any meal in Japan becomes a treat when you have such a great variety of beverages to choose from across Japan’s many islands. Whether it’s the iconic Sake, served hot or cold, the more modern Shochu, or the sweet Umeshu liqueur, you’re bound to find a drink to suit your taste and cleanse the palate.

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