Cherry Blossoms

Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) of Japan

The Sakura of Japan are well known around the world for their radiant, delicate and transient beauty, but they are more than simply beautiful cherry blossom trees. Sakura are tied to Japan’s history, culture and identity. Originally used to divine the year’s harvest, Sakura came to embody Wabi-sabi philosophy and shinto ideals of impermanence, hope and renewal.

Each year, the Japanese people gather together to watch the Sakura bloom throughout April and observe how at the peak of their beauty, the blossoms start to fall; providing a stark reminder that although life is beautiful, it is also ephemeral and short. Learn more about the Sakura of Japan below and find out how you can begin a journey to see them in person.

Sakura History

Much more than merely cherry blossoms, Sakura are intrinsically woven into the history and philosophies of Japan. From their original use to divine harvest and the Emperor first practicing the art of Hanami (enjoying the transient beauty of Sakura), to their embodiment of Wabi-sabi philosophy, Sakura can tell you a lot about Japan.

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Where You Can See Sakura (Hanami)

You can find Sakura trees right throughout the length and breadth of Japan, however when Sakura bloom every April, there are some places that provide a truly incredible location to engage in Hanami (enjoying the Sakura’s transient beauty). From Mt Fuji to the Imperial Palace, learn where you can practice Hanami.

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Cherry Blossom Forecast

The cherry blossoms start blooming in the southern part of Japan and gradually make their way north. Follow the cherry blossom front here and see historical trends including date of first bloom and full bloom.

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