Japanese Art

The art of Japan, whether forged in the traditional methods developed over thousands of years in isolation or crafted meticulously for emerging contemporary mediums, is renowned, appreciated and on display right around the world.

From Hokusai’s iconic ukiyo-e woodblock print “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa” to the majestic, award winning, stirring anime of Hayao Miyazaki, you’ll find that Japanese art provokes great emotional responses and gives an insight into the meticulousness of Japanese artistry. Seeing some of the amazing museums and galleries in Japan is essential for any traveller on a journey of endless discovery. Find out more below.

Arts & Crafts

Japanese arts and crafts of all mediums are defined by their awareness and appreciation of the stunning natural environments of Japan itself. The subtropical paradises of the south, the wintery mountains of the north and everything between have all been represented in true wabi-sabi character; imperfect to highlight the one of a kind individual beauty of each piece.

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Anime & Manga

Arguably one of the defining art forms of the modern time, anime and manga are symbols of a modern Japan; visually compelling, technically innovative, and fascinatingly idiosynctatic ways to tell a story. From the global powerhouse of kawaii, Pokemon, to the the Oscar award winning work of Studio Ghibli, anime and manga embody modern Japanese art.

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Performing Arts

Japan has a rich tradition of performing arts that dates back centuries, with three major classical theatre types taking place in purpose built theatres across Japan’s many islands. Of course, performing arts aren’t limited to the theatre, with ochaya across Japan entertaining intimate audiences still to this day with majestic dances, stories and conversations from Geisha.

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Museums & Art Galleries

Japan boasts a number of major contemporary art galleries and museums from cosmopolitan Tokyo to the art-island of Naoshima. These and the world-class trienalles in Echigo Tsumari, Setouchi and Nakanojo make Japan the ideal location for a journey of artistic discovery.

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