Experience Sake in Saijo Hiroshima

Experience Sake in Saijo Hiroshima

Experience Sake in Saijo Hiroshima

Partners Information: Walk through Sakagura-dori (Sakagura Street) in Saijo, one of the most famous places for sake in Japan.

Here, there are seven breweries within a one kilometre area. The area has produced sake for a long time. Saijo has the ideal natural conditions to brew sake, such as the contrast in temperatures between day and night, pure water and rice.

Enjoy the historical townscape, breweries and various spots to learn about sake dotted around town.

One of the most famous sake breweries, Kamotsuru Shuzo has recently reopened its museum-shop. Entry is free and multiple languages such as English, French and Chinese are displayed throughout. The museum has a theatre that seats seventy people, and you can learn about sake there.

Sake produced by Kamotsuru Shuzo is famous as it was served to Obama, the 44th President of the United States, at dinner when he visited Japan in 2014.

Enjoy sake tasting and buy sake souvenirs at Kamotsuru Shuzo’s museum-shop!

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