Experience Autumn in Iwamizawa

Experience Autumn in Iwamizawa

Experience Autumn in Iwamizawa

Partners Information: Experience Autumn in Iwamizawa, Hokkaido!

Due to its northern location, Hokkaido sees the autumn leaves before anywhere else in Japan. The trees start to change colours from early September, peaking around mid to late October. If you are planning an autumn trip to Hokkaido, then momijigari (autumn-leaf viewing) is a must!

The following locations are beautiful in autumn and are easily accessible by bus from Iwamizawa City.

Log Hotel, The Maple Lodge

Located just 20 minutes by car from Iwamizawa City, the landscape surrounding the Maple Lodge is picturesque in autumn, as the red autumn leaves stand out from the lush green surroundings of Moyocho.

More than just a hotel, facilities include a restaurant, training rooms, a hot spring facility/sauna also open to day trippers, as well as a walking path, indoor/outdoor tennis courts, a vast lawn, and an Apple Garden orchard, where visitors can enjoy these rich natural surroundings.

Why not relax in the open-air hot springs, surrounded by a soothing autumnal landscape?

Gyokusenkan Atochi Park

Gyokusenkan Atochi Park is popular with locals who visit to see the autumn leaves. Complete with a functional Japanese teahouse, this peaceful Japanese garden is the perfect place to experience the seasons.

Why not take a stroll in the autumn garden, where you are sure to find the perfect photo spot!