Charity Film Screening in Sydney to Support Kumamoto

Charity Film Screening in Sydney to Support Kumamoto

Charity Film Screening in Sydney to Support Kumamoto

How can we help Kumamoto residents restore their normal daily lives?

This charity movie presentation will be the second international presentation after an initial showing in New York. It has come about as a result of many people thinking collectively about how to help after the Kumamoto earthquake.

This movie was made by an all-Kumamoto cast, including the director, well-known actors and film crew, and the movie shows the beautiful Kumamoto landscape before the earthquake. All of the charity profits will go to revive Kumamoto through donations from Kumamoto movie production executives.

In summing up, the movie’s director says:

“This movie is our statement to say: ‘We will absolutely take back our beautiful Kumamoto’. Because we can see our hometown view of the Kumamoto that we want to restore visually represented in the film. And I always feel that hometown people who thanked me for making this movie have left a deep impression in my heart.”

Dir. Isao Yukisada


Film title: The Gift of Memory
Japanese title: ??????? [Utsukushii Hito]

Language: In Japanese with English subtitles; 40 minute duration

Date: Sunday 17th July 2016

LocationMacquarie University, Building Y3A Theatre 1, Faculty of Arts; Sydney NSW Australia

Admission Fee$15 (no concession)

13:00 Doors open
13:30 Opening performance of taiko (Japanese drums) by group Wadaiko Yunion
14:00-14:40 First film screening
15:30-16:10 Second film screening


For more details, including where to buy tickets and a map of the event venue, please visit the film website.