Buffet Breakfast at Hotel Granvia Osaka

Buffet Breakfast at Hotel Granvia Osaka

Buffet Breakfast at Hotel Granvia Osaka

Partners Information: The buffet breakfast at Hotel Granvia Osaka is almost like a food theme park, offering 100 different all-you-can-eat dishes.

Eat as much as you want of this unique western- and Japanese-style buffet, featuring fresh local ingredients from Osaka, local dishes, healthy organic vegetables, freshly baked bread, and more.


1. Eat as much as you like from our great selection of French deli items, such as the Matsusaka Ham, gold award winner for four consecutive times in Germany.
2. Enjoy some authentic Japanese dishes, such as miso soup made with Japanese-style dashi stock, egg rolls, grilled fish, and more. We highly recommend trying Tai Chazuke, a rice soup dish made with sea bream and special dashi soup.
3. As your morning sweet dish, the hotel’s top recommendation is highly popular among Japanese women: thick French toast.

Hotel Granvia Osaka will prepare a gorgeous breakfast and look forward to welcoming you, helping you to recharge yourself with great energy, so you can enjoy the powerful city of Osaka.


Adults ¥2,700, 4 to 12 year olds ¥1,400

*Hotel guests ¥1,900


Hotel Granvia Osaka
19th Floor French Restaurant “Fleuve”
3-1-1 Umeda Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0001, Japan

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