Blog: Destination - Japan (Kanazawa) by Leon Matigian

Blog: Destination – Japan (Kanazawa) by Leon Matigian

Blog: Destination – Japan (Kanazawa) by Leon Matigian

Kanazawa sights and attractions are well spread out and we used buses to take us around everywhere – well worth the money and believe me when I say the buses are regular and pretty much on time.

We visited the Higashi Chaya District to better appreciate the Geisha world.  Many of the houses are now cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops but a walk through the quarters amongst the aged-wood-slatted facades of the Geisha houses dating back some 200 years, transformed us to an era only known to (me) through the movies.  We visited one of the houses where Geisha used to entertain and perform their professional activities.  It was wonderful.


Kanazawa Castle is very impressive and we enjoyed walking through the park just beyond the Ishikawa gate. The gate is the only remaining original structure. It would be impossible to take a bad photo of this castle and its surrounds no matter how bad a photographer you might be, especially on a beautiful sunny day like we had.

Kanazawa castle


The Gyokusen-en gardens, which is a much smaller Garden than the famous Kenrokuen Gardens  is just superb.  The reason we went there is not only for its marvellous presentation of several small ponds surrounded by rocks, lanterns and waterfalls but also it had one of the oldest tea houses in Kanazawa.  We partook in a brilliant tea ceremony presented by this fantastic kimono-wearing lady who explained to us the process of making tea and the etiquette of drinking it.

Kenrokuen tea

The best part of visiting the Kenrokuen Gardens is that, the splendid views are not obstructed by buildings or high rise structures.  The landscaped gardens are carefully arranged and has an elaborate use of water, pond, trees, winding streams, mounds and footpaths unlike anything we’ve ever seen.  The manicured lawns and garden beds were just delightful.   We also visited the historic Seisonkaku Villa just nearby and the Ishikawa Prefectural Museum next to the Villa and appreciated the beautiful handcrafted items for which Kanazawa is famous for.



All images by Leon Matigian. All rights reserved.


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